Asbestos Surveys

Northern Asbestos Services Ltd carry out Management Surveys and Refurbishment / Demolition Surveys in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive Publication HSG264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide.

An asbestos survey is an effective way to help you manage asbestos in your premises by providing accurate information about the location, amount, type and condition of any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). It is recommended that you arrange a survey if you suspect there are ACMs in your premises. Alternatively, you may choose to presume there is asbestos in your premises and would then need to take all appropriate precautions for any work that takes place. However, it is good practice to have an asbestos survey carried out so you can be absolutely sure whether asbestos is present or not.

Northern Asbestos Services Surveyors are BOHS (British Occupational Hygiene Society) P402 & P405 qualified. They can demonstrate they have the necessary skills and expertise tied with experience and competence which ensures high quality and thorough work.

An asbestos survey will identify:

• The location of any asbestos-containing materials in the building
• The type of asbestos they contain
• The condition these materials are in

The asbestos survey will help to generate enough information to compile a survey report with a built-in asbestos register. The survey report will indicate the areas surveyed, any suspect materials found and sampled, sample analysis, condition and recommendations for any ACM’s identified. Sample points, both for positive and negative results, are also indicated on drawings included with the report.
We can also offer to build a client-specific management plan which helps with the client’s duty to manage asbestos in buildings.



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